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Toshiba BulkHead Aircon Toshiba BulkHead Airconditioning

Toshiba Bulkhead Units

Smooth Finish

The only visible sign of these unobtrusive units is their discharge grills. They fit completely inside the ceiling to maintain the original decor of your room.

Suitable for Tight Ceiling Spaces

Toshiba’s Inverter Ducted systems allows you to air condition your home without having to install the indoor units on your wall, making your home look neat and tidy.

The indoor unit is installed in a confined space and ducts run through the ceiling leading to air outlets in your room. Air is allowed into the room through vents on the ceiling or on the wall.


The use of ducts enables air outlets to be installed anywhere on the ceiling. Applications include a wide array of layouts from narrow spaces to polygon rooms.

Combining high power with high efficiency

The Toshiba Air Conditioning DC Hybrid Inverter integrates two distinct compressor control modules to ensure constant natural comfort which is achieved with maximum energy efficiency.

PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) provides the highest levels of power for when you need to get cool (or warm) fast, while PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) ensures the desired room temperature is maintained with optimum energy efficiency. The Toshiba Inverter system features the best of both.

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