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Hitachi Split Air Conditioners Hitachi Split Air Conditioners Hitachi Split Air Conditioners


The improved design of the directional air flow flap minimises air resistance to distribute a greater volume of air into the room to quickly and efficiently adjust the room temperature. Nano-Titanium filter Conventional filter

Hitachi Split Air Conditioners

Hitachi Split Air Conditioning

For over thirty five years Hitachi has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of the highest quality air conditioning equipment. In a climate as diverse as ours, you need a range of air conditioners designed to provide superior levels of comfort and reliability to meet your needs at home and in life.


Inverter technology allows a room to reach the required temperature more rapidly, offering up to 30% more efficiency and also eliminates the stop-start operation used by constant speed systems. Hitachi Inverters adjust (increase/decrease) the speed of the compressor to an energy saving mode in order to maintain the desired temperature.


Hitachi air conditioners are able to memorise the precise operation mode, air flow, temperature and timing settings. In the event of a power failure, settings will automatically reset to the original operating mode once power is restored.


The Nano-Titanium filter and the conical blade fan features in Hitachi air conditioners are designed to substantially reduce bacteria, prevent mould growth and deodorise the air distributed by your air conditioner. The Nano-Titanium agent, is smaller in size and denser than conventional anti-bacterial agents, trapping and preventing up to 99.9% of bacterial particles from travelling through the filter.


Homes are often contaminated with invisible airborne microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and dust mites. Ultraviolet light, as found in sunlight, is one of nature's most effective sanitising agents and has been used in hospitals, supermarkets and restaurants for many years. Hitachi air conditioners now feature the same clever technology. The durable LED used ensures you have up to 10 years of cleaner, healthier living.


The handy infrared remote control allows you to accurately select the desired room temperature from the comfort of your armchair. All commands are shown clearly on the liquid crystal display. A smart system of one touch buttons can create the perfect environment with ease.

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