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Hydronic Hydronic Heating Hydronic Heating Boiler

Hydronic Floor Heating Systems

High Performance and Efficiency

Hydronic Heating is safe particularly the young and the elderly people - as it radiant heat, it heats people and objects and is perfect heating for those who are not particulary mobile. There is no circulation of dust and allergens and no danger of burns or scalding as the system is fully enclosed with radiator temperatures well below boiling point.

Underfloor Hydronic Heating is Economical

A high efficiency boiler heats the water which is then circulated throughout the system by a small pump. Each area can be individually controlled so only the amount of heat needed is used.

Underfloor heating uses much lower temperatures (45-50 degrees celcius) making it one of the most efficient forms of hydronic heating. Hydronic underfloor (or slab heating as it can be referred to) is a much more evironmentally friendly alternative to electric underfloor heating, with the bonus of much lower running costs.

In-Slab Hydronic Heating

In-slab (‘floor coil’) systems are also available. In these, the heated water is pumped through piping laid in a concrete slab floor during its construction. Heat is released into the slab, and subsequently into the room.

High Performance and Design

These Australian made studded polystyrene insulation panels are perfect for installing a hydronic screed heating system over your structural slab or existing floor. The 1200mm x 800mm panels interlock around each edge to make installing simple and fast while still providing a strong and seamless base to work on.

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